Perineoplasty surgery

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What is Perineoplasty?

Perineoplasty surgery is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure that focuses on women’s anus and vagina’s defects and imperfections by tightening the space between them called the perineum. The area is small, but it has a vital role in supporting the structures of surrounding tissues and muscles, which plays a role in vaginal tightening and loosening. The process is also known as perineorrhaphy. The process is particularly for tightening and loosening the vagina by removing scar tissues, unwanted skin, and ill-sighted bulges. The aesthetic goal of the Perineoplasty surgery is to achieve women’s confidence and feeling of increased sexual pleasure. Perineoplasty surgery encompasses two variants; one is the vaginal tightening, and the other is the loosening of the vagina.  The deformities and imperfections which Perineoplasty is treating occur in women by giving one or multiple childbirths, obesity, inadequate innervation, and sexual penetration. Plus, our cosmetic surgery center is proud to have a very talented, experienced, and trained aesthetic gynecologist and plastic surgeon Dr. Rita Shats, who are among the world’s best aesthetic gynecologists.

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The procedure of Perineoplasty:

The procedure of Perineoplasty starts by giving local anesthesia to the patient or some local sedative agents for ease throughout the procedure. Incisions in the process are made in the v-shaped pattern within the vaginal mucosa for excision of excess skin and scar tissues. Closure of internal and external muscles and tightening of vaginal levator muscles is performed during the process. The goal of the process is to get aesthetically more pleasing vaginal laxity, repair, and tightening of the tissues in the area from the vaginal opening to the anus.

Who is an ideal candidate for Perineoplasty?

  • Women who experience one or multiple vaginal childbirths are the ideal candidate for Perineoplasty. The complicated vaginal deliveries result in physical trauma to the vagina and perineal muscles. Episiotomy and sloppy stitches result in improper healing of the tissues and perineum. Multiple births may worsen the problem by leaving heavy scarring, pain, and discomfort. Perineoplasty targets the proper healing of the tissues by opening the stitches of episiotomy and suturing them again.
  • Obesity has also put the women on candidacy criteria of Perineoplasty as excessive weight causes tension on the entire body, including the perineum and its associated structures. Muscles of the perineum become stretchy and less elastic.
  • Women who experience vaginal itching are the ideal candidate for Perineoplasty.
  • Women who complain about more minor sensations due to the loosening of the vaginal opening are suitable for Perineoplasty.
  • Involuntary contractions of the vagina during intercourse
  • Dyspareunia
  • Improvement is aesthetic appearance.

What to expect before Perineoplasty surgery?

Patients are advised to take blood-thinning medications four weeks before and after the surgery. Herbal remedies, diet pills, and anti-diabetics should also not be taken before surgery. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to avoid the post-procedural spread of infection.

What to expect after surgery?

Following the Perineoplasty surgery patient may feel slight discomfort, swelling, and spot bleeding. Bleeding is common for a few days after the surgery, and patients can resume work one week after the surgery. Patients should take care of the hygiene to keep the area dry and clean. Patients can also continue everyday routine activities four days after the surgery, but the patient should avoid penetrative sexual intercourse six weeks after the surgery.

Risks and complications:

Risks and complications after Perineoplasty are infrequent, but the patient should contact the physician if the following things appear;

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Over tightening of the vaginal opening
  • Unbearable pain and discomfort
  • Any unusual odor discharge
  • Abscess
  • Formation of a fistula

Patients are always welcome to come for the follow-up exam for queries and complications.

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