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What is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

This is a plastic surgery procedure used to reduce the size and shape of the clitoris hood by reducing the excess skin (Prepuce) to make the clitoris glans visible. The other terminologies used for lowering the clitoris are clitoral unhooding, clitoral hoodectomy, and clitoridotomy, which are used interchangeably for aesthetic improvement in the appearance of the clitoris. The surgical process is used to enhance the women’s pubic area’s appealing appearance to make it more accessible. Clitoral hoodectomy is a subordinate surgery that is done along with Vaginoplasty and occasionally with Labiaplasty. Several women often complain about the discomfort in the aesthetic appearance of their genital organs and maybe the reason for intersex. They may also complain of the change of size, shape, and color of the clitoris significantly due to aging, childbirth, sexual arousal, and genetics. Dr. Rita Shats at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center is a very talented, experienced, and trained aesthetic gynecologist. Our plastic surgery center aims to be exceptionally efficient with advanced technologies and specialists who are among the world’s best.

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The procedure of clitoris hood reduction:

Clitoris hood reduction procedure often involves Labiaplasty surgery. The technique consists of cutting extra folds of clitoris prepuce tissues by making incisions parallel to the longitudinal axis of the clitoris. Another method of clitoris unhooding is to make bilateral excisions by cutting the prepuce tissues. In this method, special attention is taken to make prepuce glans in the midline. Clitoris hood reduction can also be made in extended wedge resection Labiaplasty, where prepuce tissues of the clitoris are reduced by applying extensions of the exterior wedge.

Who is an ideal candidate for clitoris hood reduction?

Patients who want to undergo clitoris hood reduction must have the following reasons to be suitable for the procedure.

  • The process is ideal for the women who want the procedure for aesthetic reasons and wish for a neat and trimmer look of the vulva.
  • Women who have colossal clitoris hood and inhibit its excess in sexual activity are ideal for clitoridotomy.
  • If due to friction with the clothing, the enlarged clitoris is causing redness, soreness, and itching
  • Women with enlarged hood due to childbirth, aging, sexual activity, and genetics pass the candidacy criteria for Labiaplasty.
  • Women who suffer difficulty exercising, sexual activity, physical activity, genital infections, and personal hygiene issues are suitable candidates for clitoris hood reduction.
  • Clitoris hood reduction is also ideal for women who feel difficulty wearing yoga pants, workout pants, and swimming costumes due to enlarged labia.
  • Women who feel self-conscious about getting into sexual activities with their partners are also ideal for hood reduction.

How to prepare for clitoris hood reduction?

Clitoris hood reduction is a microsurgery procedure and is carried out in an outpatient setting by administering local or general anesthesia. A patient must have realistic expectations and motivations about the outcomes of the surgical procedure. Surgical instruments and specialized lasers are used to remove the pre-discussed amount of skin to withdraw from the clitoris hood. The clitoris head cannot be altered in any way, so only the extra hood folds are removed. Your surgeon may also perform other procedures like vaginal tightening, hymenoplasty, or Vaginoplasty based on the patient’s goals and needs.

What to expect after the clitoris hood reduction surgery?

  • The patient may feel some numbness to the treated area, which can subside after few days.
  • Pain-relieving medicines also help to ease the post-surgical discomfort.
  • The inflammation and tenderness will vanish by rest or application of ice packs.
  • Patients are advised to not engage in sexual activity for the recovery period for the better healing of the site.
  • Strenuous exercises like weight lifting, running, horseback, or bicycle riding should be avoided as instructed by the surgeon during the recovery period.
  • Taking care of personal hygiene to avoid the spread of infection is particularly important.
  • The patient will be able to resume everyday activities after the two or three days of surgery.

Results and recovery

Women feel a high level of self-esteem and comfort after getting a reduced clitoris hood. The procedure results in the improved aesthetic appearance of the vulva and elimination of pubic discomfort and a prominent, accessible clitoris. The recovery period after the hood reduction is from six to eight months and may vary from patient to patient.

Risk and complications

Risks and complications after hood surgery are infrequent, but the patient should contact the physician if the following things appear;

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring of tissues
  • Unbearable pain and discomfort
  • Any unusual discharge

Patients are always welcome to come for the follow-up exam for queries and complications.

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