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Are you unhappy with your appearance because of enlarged male breast tissue?

Plus Cosmetic Surgery can help. We offer expert gynecomastia surgery to correct enlarged male breasts. Our surgeons are board certified, highly experienced, and fully professional.

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Plus Cosmetic: Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia develops in the male breasts when there is an excess of glandular tissue. It can affect one or both breasts.

 It develops primarily during periods of male hormonal change in childhood, adolescence, and old age. The enlarged breast is unappealing to most men, making them self-conscious about their chest shape. Treatment is sought to achieve the natural male chest outlines and restore confidence.

As you visit us at Plus Cosmetics, we will work with you to put an end to the embarrassment. We will give you a perfect look that you will be proud of.


Who is a good candidate for Male Breast Reduction?

You are not alone if you suspect that you may have gynecomastia or your doctor has diagnosed it and you are thinking about having surgery. It is a very common condition, as a matter of fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 18,500 American males got corrective gynecomastia surgery in 2020.


At Plus Cosmetics, the Gynaecomastia correction procedure will be done in the following steps.

The standard breast reduction surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, so you will return home the same day after the surgery is completed.

  1. Anesthesia administration: This is the first of the procedures. It is done to ensure you don’t feel even the tiniest bit of pain during the operation.
  2. Incision: This marks the start of the actual surgery, and it is done after the anesthesia has taken effect. At this point, a small incision will be carefully made around the areola. Through this incision, the excess glandular tissue will be skillfully removed to correct the appearance of your breast. If necessary, liposuction can be performed at this stage to help achieve the best results.
  3. Suture: After the surgery, the incision will be expertly closed with sutures. This will be done neatly and artistically so that scars do not deface your breast.


What to Expect: Before, During, and After Gynecomastia Treatment

Before your surgery

When you’ve decided that gynecomastia surgery is the best option for you, our Miami clinic will set up your surgery and preoperative appointments. All appointments must be kept on time, and all instructions must be followed. 

 Approximately two weeks before your operation, you will have a preoperative appointment, at which time you will get comprehensive instructions. 


Typical instructions you will be given include the following:

  • Smokers must stop smoking four weeks before surgery.
  • Please let us know if you require assistance in quitting.
  • Stop the use of marijuana or anabolic steroids.
  • Make arrangements for a friend or relative to drive you to and from surgery and accompany you for 24 hours after your recovery.
  • Healthy eating and alcohol abstinence the week before surgery
  • Avoid engaging in any strenuous activities the day before surgery.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before surgery. 


During your surgery

An appointment with Plus Cosmetic at our Miami location is the first step to determining if surgical treatment for gynecomastia is the best option for you. Plus Cosmetics will examine your medical history and current and previous prescriptions and discuss your current health at this initial consultation.

The best surgical approach to give you a satisfactory look will then be delivered. At the end of it, the incisions will be neatly sutured to hide scars and surgical marks.


After the Surgery (Recovery Stage)

  • Following the procedure, your breasts will be tender.
  • Our surgeon can prescribe medication to alleviate any discomfort and pain. 
  • Incisions will be covered with bandages or dressings after surgery. Try to keep them dry and neat.
  • You should plan to rest for the entire week.
  • You can begin a gradual return to your normal activities from 4 weeks after the operation. 
  • Do not resume your normal activities in full until after 6 weeks.
  • Immediately call the doctor with any concerns.


Why do people choose Plus Cosmetic Surgery?

At Plus Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that each individual is unique and deserves flawless cosmetic surgery tailored to them. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with natural-looking results achieved through cutting-edge technology and techniques. 


Here are some of the reasons why Plus Cosmetics stands out in Miami

  1. At Plus Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that continued training and education, as well as a dedication to excellent treatment, make a significant impact.
  2. When you visit our office here in Miami for a consultation or cosmetic operation, you immediately realize you’re in the greatest and most experienced hands.
  3. We constantly ensure that we understand exactly what you want and provide solutions that meet your expectations.
  4. Our surgeons are all board-certified.
  5. In our treatments, we solely employ cutting-edge technology.
  6. We provide cosmetic surgery solutions that are botched-free
  7. Plus, Cosmetics is constantly up to date on the most recent medical treatments and discoveries that technology offers.
  8. Our whole staff is committed to ensuring that your experience with us is excellent, from your initial consultation through your recovery following surgery.
  9. Every patient is treated with compassion and professionalism here. 


Final Thoughts

As a male, if you struggle with the embarrassment of having an enlarged breast that has more resemblance to that of females than males, you are not alone. Through our flawless gynecomastia surgery here in Miami, you can achieve the chest you have always wanted.

Plus Cosmetic Surgery provides a range of top-notch cosmetic surgery solutions to give every man a look he will be proud of!

We will be delighted to hear from you.