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Professional Product: PRX-T33 Treatment

No needles, pain or downtime technique and products are sure to change the way you think about beauty. A formula tested over years and covered by an international patent.

Applied with a specific technique by medical professionals, the PRX-T33 treatment provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration. Repeating the application once a week for the number of sessions determined by the professional enhances the aesthetic effect.

Advantages of the PRX-T33 skin treatment:

  • It can be used by everyone of all skin types, including dark skin;
  • It is non-invasive;
  • No extensive peeling;
  • It provides non-ablative (not harming the top layer of skin) chemical stimulation of the dermis without exfoliating the epidermis;
  • You may return to daily activities/work/working out without downtime;
  • It is absolutely painless;
  • It is not photo-sensitizing, so it can be used all year, including summer, before special events or trip.

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    PRX-T33 is a combination of a magical blend of triacloroacetic acid  33% (TCA), a low combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and kojic acid.  These ingredients are unique because the effects of low H2O2 and high concentration of TCA provides stimulation of the skin, and transports H2O2 to the dermal layer without peeling or excessive stress.  The Kojic acid treats underlying hyperpigmentation, giving your skin a translucent healthy glow found in young and healthy skin.

    This process provides deep hydration, stimulating collagen, building a new matrix

    The result: firmer, smoother, brighter skin.