Anatomical Implants

In particular, the anatomical implants are the most popular today according to the data of our center. They are preferred by more than 80% of females.

The ergonomic (drop-shaped) form of the endoprosthesis makes it possible to achieve an absolutely natural and very beautiful form. Looking at the result of the operation, it is difficult to believe that such a perfect and harmonious form was created not by nature, but by modern medical technologies and the skill of a plastic surgeon.

Leading world manufacturers offer a wide range of models that allows our surgeons to make the best choice, considering all the individual characteristics and wishes of the patient.

Why are high-profile anatomical implants used?

Slender ladies often complain about an almost complete lack of breast. Many of them dream to increase it to a third or more size. However, anatomical features (narrow chest) do not always allow you to get the desired volume. In this case, there we recommend a possibility to use anatomical implants of a high profile, which will help to achieve the desired effect not at the expense of a wide base (implant base) but due to its height.

Round Implants

Round breast implants have their attraction by some patients. In our experience, first, they are chosen by those ladies who want to focus on sexuality and the “lush roundness” of their breasts.

The use of round implants helps our surgeons to achieve the desired increase in the volume of the upper chest and create a very beautiful neckline, which some patients call “the push-up effect”. In addition, we can recommend round implants to women who have a shortage of tissue in the upper pole of the breast. Such cases are quote often observed after feeding the baby, especially for slender women who are not overweight. In this case, we use round implants, which can easily compensate for this deficiency and make the breast full and bulky.

An additional bonus for patients who chose round implants is a lower price.