Breast Augmentation Q&A

There is no doubt that breast augmentation has gained popularity in the past few decades. With so much information available on the internet, it is easy to collect helpful information.

Consulting a board certified and experienced surgeon is the best way to find out accurate information.

We have enlisted some frequently asked questions you should ask during your breast augmentation consultation.

Is your Surgeon board-certified? Is he/she experienced with breast augmentation process?

Your surgeon should have relevant qualification and experience in breast augmentation. He/she must have attended extensive training and know the advanced aesthetic techniques.

You should also ask how long he or she has been practicing breast surgery procedures.

What kind of breast implants is used today?

The FDA has currently approved two types of breast implants and both come with silicone shells. The material is either saline or silicone. These implants come pre-filled or a surgeon can fill them once they are placed.

Discuss your concerns and type or size of implant that is good for you.

Make sure you discuss everything that makes you suspicious about the breast augmentation procedure.  Your doctor will physically examine you, and discuss your medical history, future plans or aesthetic desires.

Only then he/she will determine your implant size, shape and volume.

What implant incision location is best for you?  Is it painful?

Your surgeon can place implants below or above your chest muscles. Once the surgeon determines your implant size, he/she can tell you the best placement. Some of the popular locations are breast crease (lateral) and around your nipples (periareolar)

Why do women want breast augmentation?

There are different reasons why women choose breast augmentation. One of the common reasons is to have larger and perkier breasts. Improved self-esteem and desire to look beautiful with a properly shaped body are some other reasons.

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