Breast Implants and Pregnancy

Cosmetic procedures are often thought to interfere with a person’s daily life. Often, this myth can dissuade many people from achieving the appearance they desire. However, no topic receives much criticism as much as that of breast augmentation and pregnancy. Most people confuse the symptoms of the surgery as something permanent. They believe the symptoms intervene with the enjoyment of everyday life. However, actually, women who get augmentation or a breast lift surgery before pregnancy reported a boost in self-esteem and confidence. Not to mention, they didn’t face any complications during their pregnancy.

It’s quite common for women who get breast lift and augmentation before pregnancy, to hear that they will have trouble breastfeeding with implants. On the contrary, breast augmentation and pregnancy don’t affect each other. In fact, positioning the implants under the muscles adds a protective layer between the milk ducts and the implants themselves.

It’s fairly usual for women to get a breast lift with implants after pregnancy. Most of them report a loss of volume following the period of time they breastfed their children. While this is one way to approach the procedure, getting the procedure before pregnancy is beneficial as well. Women who received breast augmentation before pregnancy reported less skin laxity and loss of volume in their breasts than women who didn’t have implants.

Opting for a breast augmentation procedure, however, doesn’t mean that you can escape from the routine symptoms of pregnancy, such as hardening and engorgement. Fortunately, you needn’t worry about your implants. Not all these natural processes affect the placement or shape of your implants. In addition, considering that all breast implants manufactured for augmentation comprise of non-reactive materials, like saline water and silicone, you won’t face any complications during pregnancy. These hard truths prove that there are no risks with breast augmentation and pregnancy.

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