How to Prevent Breast Augmentation Surgery from Looking Fake

Women who undergo  breast augmentation surgery experience numerous benefits. The most obvious benefit is that they can improve their physical appearance and enhance their self-esteem. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any certain downsides to breast augmentation for $2,760. Most women who undergo the procedure complain of their new implants appearing as if they are fake. Here’s how you can avoid ending up with fake-looking implants:

Choose a Natural Looking Shape

Most women associate the process of undergoing breast augmentation surgery with fully round and high implants. This actually results in an augmentation that looks considerably fake. Hence, it is best that you opt for a natural shape. In addition, breast augmentation centers allow you to choose the shape and consult with a specialist. Thus, you can decide which shape would look best, depending on your body shape.

Silicone over Saline
Breast augmentation in Miami offers a number of solutions to women looking to enhance their cup size. They can choose between different mediums such as saline and silicone implants. Even though both materials prove somewhat beneficial, breast augmentation feels much more natural when you opt for silicone implants. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference and whether you want your implants to feel natural as well.

Select the Ideal Size
No objective size would suit every woman who decides to get breast augmentation in Miami. That’s because it highly depends upon their body type, stature, and previous size. It’s no secret that women who get breast augmentation done would be labeled as fake if their new cup size is much larger than their previous.

At Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center, you can consult with a specialist as to what size would look better on you without making it look obvious that you had surgery done. They offer various services that help you understand how differently sized implants would look on your body.

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