How Long Does It Take To Recover From Breast Reduction Or Augmentation Surgery?

Surgical procedures like breast augmentation in Miami and reduction can have many benefits for the individual. Of course, like every other life-changing surgery, you will need some time to recover. But taking into account the positive effect of the procedure, it is worth doing! There exist some breast augmentation side effects as well as those of reduction, but you can easily put up with them if you follow all your surgeon’s instructions. Breast augmentation recovery, according to our expert surgeons, depends on each patient’s size and position. But if there were an approximation, it would be about six weeks.

Another factor that impacts how long your breast augmentation recovery period last is whether the implants are under or above the muscle. Placing them under the muscle and through the subpectoral dual plane means that it will take longer to recover. All the clients who undergo breast augmentation in Miami are asked to rest and not carry out strenuous tasks, lest they risk bleeding or tearing. Common symptoms like edema and swelling might last for about eight weeks.

Breast reduction recovery also takes up to 6, or sometimes eight weeks, depending on the job that the patient has. Throughout the breast reduction recovery period, it is recommended not to drive in the first days.

Several weeks after surgery you will be able to come back to your habitual way of life, though it will take some more time to have your breast absolutely healed back to normal.

Unlike in augmentation procedures, some surgeons recommend that clients wear a sports bra during breast reduction recovery. It is also necessary to avoid strenuous exercise for at least six weeks post-operation.

With Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center you needn’t worry about the recovery period and possible side effects at all. All you need is to attend your regular checkups after your surgery as prescribed by a doctor. Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center specialists will help to make the recovery period as short as possible.

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